The story behind the project

Developers are trusted to create an engaging experience for their companies, so we build tools to help them.

Bringing developer productivity to blossom

We love developers (we are ones ourselves) so we build a product that ourselves wish was there.

The seed

The idea of Kubespaces started in Amsterdam

Based on our experience at small and big customers, we started thinking about how to generalize a Namespace-as-a-service offering.


We develop the first prototype and assembled a team

We recruit an enthusiastic founding team and started thinking about our mission and core values.


Transitioned to a SaaS business model

We released our first MVP and found just the right product market fit for our platform; we grow our customer base and set the foundation for an organic expansion.

Huge milestone

1 million happy customers!

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Our passionate team

We are an happy bunch of industry experts, community builders, passionate startup founders and emphatic leaders.

Team member 01

Alessandro Vozza

CEO & Co-founder
Team member 02

Meg Stefouli

CPO & Co-founder
Team member 03

Orlando Hutchings

Team member 04

Hamish Hutchings

Product Executive
Team member 03

Riccardo Bevilacqua

Head of Design

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