Namespaces for Everyone

Every feature in Kubespaces makes applications easy to build, pleasant to create, and simple to manage.


Your apps, our infrastructure

Kubespaces is democratizing access to secure, scalable, highly-available cloud compute by transforming complex cloud industry mechanisms into plug-and-play solutions.

Faster time to market for your applications.
Less total cost of ownership of your platform end-to-end.
More happiness for your developers (happy developers make better code, it's a fact).
Focus on what matters

One platform, unlimited solutions

We use the Kubernetes API; integrate with thousands of existing tools and providers.

Features 01
More speed. Spend less

Keep projects on schedule

You don't need a full plaform team; your developers can self-serve Kubespaces within minutes.

  • Reduced time to market for your projects
  • Reuse your existing tools and code for Kubernetes with Kubespaces
  • Provision multiple namespaces across environments, providers and regions
Features 02
Anywhere Platform

Unleash Developer Potential

Never miss a beat and provide your developers with the best API and best platform.

  • Deploy in multiple regions, across your cloud provider of choice
  • One interface, one API
  • Reasonable consumption-based pricing

Enter a revolution in Platforms-as-a-service

Forget clusters, virtual machines, private networks: focus on your applications and your developers


Group your namespaces in tenants and assign them at once to your development teams.

Automatic ingress

Expose your applications internally or externally securely with automatic SSL certificates and platform-provided routing.


You need more resources? Just upgrade your account and we'll grow the underlying infrastructure automatically. Always pay what you use, no more, no less


It's just Kubernetes under the hood, so you can re-use your favorite CI/CD tools (Github Actions, GitLab workflows and more).


Your tenants are yours - deploy CRDs as you need, and share them with your namespaces.


Centralized management for observability, and one-click deployment of the monitoring stack of choice.

Ready to harness the power of Kubernetes?

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  • Unlimited users
  • Volume discounts