Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What is is a Namespace-as-a-service platform built on Kubernetes. It simplifies the management and provisioning of Kubernetes namespaces, making it easier for teams to work with Kubernetes clusters.

  • Why do I need streamlines the process of creating and managing Kubernetes namespaces, allowing you to focus on deploying applications and services rather than dealing with complex namespace configurations. It helps improve efficiency and collaboration within your Kubernetes environment.

  • How does work? provides a user-friendly web interface and API that enables you to create, manage, and customize Kubernetes namespaces. It abstracts the underlying complexities of Kubernetes namespace management, making it accessible to users of all skill levels.

  • Is compatible with my existing Kubernetes cluster?

    Yes, is designed to work seamlessly with any standard Kubernetes cluster, whether it's running in your data center or on a cloud provider's infrastructure.

  • What are the key features of

    Some key features of include:

    • Simplified namespace creation and management.
    • Role-based access control (RBAC) integration.
    • Namespace templates for standardized configurations.
    • Usage tracking and resource quotas.
    • Integration with popular CI/CD pipelines..
  • Is secure?

    Yes, prioritizes security. It integrates with Kubernetes RBAC for fine-grained access control, ensuring that only authorized users can make changes. Additionally, all communication with the platform is encrypted to protect your data.

  • Can I automate namespace provisioning with

    Yes, provides an API and CLI tools that allow you to automate the creation and management of namespaces, making it easy to integrate into your existing DevOps workflows.

  • What support options are available for offers various support plans, including community support and premium support packages. You can choose the level of support that best fits your needs.

  • How do I get started with

    To get started with, simply sign up for an account on our website. You can then follow our documentation and tutorials to start creating and managing Kubernetes namespaces.

  • Is there a free trial available?

    Yes, we offer a free trial period for, allowing you to explore its features and benefits before committing to a subscription.

  • Can I migrate my existing Kubernetes namespaces to

    Yes, provides migration tools and documentation to help you seamlessly transition your existing Kubernetes namespaces to the platform.

  • What is the pricing model for

    Our pricing model is flexible and depends on your usage and requirements. You can find detailed pricing information on our website or by contacting our sales team.