Namespaces for Everyone

Unleash developer productivity without the hassle for maintaining infrastructure.

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No clusters, no pain

Focus on what matters: your developers. Provide them the best tools with zero-touch infrastructure.

1. Onboard

Deploy tenants in multiple clouds and regions with few clicks or a single API call.

2. Deploy

Your developers are immediately productive, being able to deploy, monitor and expose their microservices applications easily and reliably.

3. Scale

Scale as you grow, with a no-nonsense pricing based on consumption, and providing all your developers with the same platform.

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Lighting fast workflow

Say hello to your applications

Your tenants, your namespaces, your applications, immediately available over multiple environments, with automated global routing and TLS.

  • Simple deployments
  • Unified Kubernetes API
  • Automatic URL
  • Integrated monitoring
  • Freedom to install what you need
  • Always up to date
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"We spent years building broken platform, with Kubespaces we are there already and better, safer and with less developer friction."
— Anastasia Dan - UX Board

Your apps, our infrastructure

Kubespaces is democratizing access to secure, scalable, highly-available cloud compute by transforming complex cloud industry mechanisms into plug-and-play solutions. .

Cloud Native

Cloud Native from start to finish

Kubespaces was born in the cloud native communities, leverage many CNCF projects and is built upon solid open source foundations.

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How it works...

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Cloud native apps

. For developers

Deploy with confidence over multiple clouds and locations, using the tried-and-true Kubernetes platform APIs.

. For platform engineers

Build upon our services your next platform; integrate with CI/CD, monitoring and security tools of your choice..

. For teams

Collaborate with your entire team, share namespaces and environments with your organization.

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